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Next Big Thing Eugene

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010
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Eugene Weekly has long been the champion of all things entertainment, whether underground or above ground, in the Southern Willamette Valley. After a successful inaugural year of hosting an online search for the best original hit single in Eugene, they have assembled music friendly local forces again ignite the engines of this internet based and voter generated entertainment popularity contest.

Next Big Thing Eugene Oregon Contest Original Single

For all local bands and artists interested in this contest, the process looks like this:

1) Artists can enter the contest by coming by Eugene Weekly offices at 1251 Lincoln Street. Artists will need to submit their song on CD plus photo and bio and a web-link if one is available. Artists must use the entry form located at

2) Entry fee is $20.00 per song. Bands can submit as many songs as they want.
You must submit only songs that are original and owned by the person or band making the submission. You will be asked to sign a release form for possible inclusion on the Compilation CD. All Artists selected for the compilation CD will be invited to host a “Release Party” in November of 2010.

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…for death is the destiny of every man; the living should take this to heart – Solomon

[HC:WiRE] Veil Arms – Eminence Conference

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010
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Veil Arms Clothing Eminence Conference artists designers Christian free 2010

(Albuquerque, New Mexico. June 21st 2010) Popular New Mexico fashion line Veil Arms Clothing will be hosting The Eminence Conference on August 10th and 11th. The conference itself is designed for aspiring musicians, photographers, graphic designers, writers, actors and entrepreneurs to join with others to learn more about their chosen art and how they can become better educated for when they feel they are ready to move on to the next level, whatever that may be. This series of workshops will teach the average young artist attending what its like to be a professional.

Veil Arms Clothing exists to motivate and encourage their young surrounding art community in hopes of inspiring those with gifts to best develop and cultivate their given talents. The workshops themselves will be taught by the likes of Matt Greiner from heavyweight metal band August Burns Red, Micah Kinard from Oh Sleeper and so much more. Lunch will be provided each day as well as several guest speakers including Colby Engstrom and Jeral Dickinson. The nights will be capped off with performances by Seabird, B. Reith and more.

Registration is currently available for this event. If you choose to register before July 15th your admittance will be FREE!

This is a great opportunity for any aspiring artist out there, no matter what your avenue, to learn, to build community and to network with like minded individuals as well as professionals.

“These kids will get direct information and one on one workshops with these artists and people that they respect, hopefully equipping them with enough knowledge to pursue their career.” –Shawn Ulmer, Veil Arms Clothing

For more information on this event please visit

Eminence Conference from eric parnell on Vimeo.

To inquire about media exposure for this event or if you’d like to schedule an interview with the owners of Veil Arms Clothing please contact: Jameson Ketchum – – Twitter: @ketch116

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Roseway hardcore Portland Oregon local concert keycore

Savage Fest 2010

Monday, April 19th, 2010
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At we have the privilege of meeting and introducing our fellow fans to the hardworking bands throughout our great nation. Savage Fest 4/24/10 all day metal festival Washington Oregon w/ Proven Whether these bands will remain as local treasures or others will find/make their break and forge a deep run though the several layers of entertainment success. Will Breitner has distinguished himself as one of the hardest working musicians at the local level in the Portland area, spearheading several bands, each with their own unique identity, collaborating with like minded musicians to promote local shows and pioneering his own effort to enable grassroots artists to begin the recording process. On Saturday, April 24th, 2010 Mr. Breitner will be organizing and performing with several other local artists in an all day metal extravaganza for the first Savage Fest to be hosted at the Camas Courthouse in Washougal, Washington. This event will showcase some of Washington and Oregon’s finest metal bands while simultaneously demonstrating what hard work and local collaboration can produce. Join the hurd and come get your metal on!

Is the Camas Courthouse an actual functioning courthouse?
WB Yes it is. It sometimes makes shows difficult actually because on Fridays you can only rent it out after 5pm.

Will SAVAGE FEST be indoors or outdoors?
WB It will be indoors

What can you tell us about the venue, why did you choose this site?
WB I chose the venue because the room is a little smaller, perfect for getting in around 150 kids and having a really intimate atmosphere where the bands can be directly interacting with the fans and friends who are at the show. There is an actual stage in the venue, but it is only about a foot off the ground, so like I said, the bands are right up in your face which is awesome as a listener.

For those, like myself, who are unfamiliar with Camas, WA – what types of food selections are there and how nearby to the show will they be?
WB Well there are a few options. Right next to the venue, there is a Burger King, Subway, Starbucks & Chevron and then if you go about a mile into the actual town of Camas you have Burgerville, Dairy Queen, Top Burger & more gas stations.

Even though this is an all day metal extravaganza, there is quite a range of sub-genres within that metal umbrella which will be on display, tell us some about the music and performers we will be seeing?
WB Well I like my shows to be diverse so you aren’t seeing the same band 18 times in one day and kids don’t get burnt out after the third band and decide to leave or something. I have two acoustic acts, a couple of rock acts, some metalcore, some straight up thrash metal, and then of course some death metal thrown in the mix. I think that diversity makes for an awesome show.

How did you select the bands and the lineup, are these all bands you know personally?
WB I selected the bands because they are pretty much all close friends of mine and great people. There isn’t a single band on the show that I haven’t worked with before and haven’t performed with before.

You are an impressive young man who wears several hats within the local music scene. You perform, promote, record and what else are you involved in?
WB Haha well thank you very much! I just try to do everything possible to put the fire back in our scene basically. I try to help my friends’ bands with getting endorsements and bigger shows and out of town shows and whatnot because I love music more than anything in the world. Me and my best friends that compose my main band …And The Sirens Sang are working on making a more professional studio, then I will be starting my own label to help smaller bands be heard and get merch and tour and stuff. We also will be doing management, local show booking, tour booking, and someday screen printing and professional CD printing. All local, all cheap. I believe that every band deserves a chance to show the world what they’ve got, but unfortunately for bands, the industry is a cash cow and everything costs so much that most bands can barely make it out of their home town, let alone put out a professional CD and merch and whatnot. I want to call it “Siren Industries” hahaha

You are currently involved with at least 3 bands that I know of, but you had mentioned maybe as many as 6? What bands are you actively playing with now and in what capacity?
WB Well my main band is called “…And The Sirens Sang”. and sirens sang portland oregon metal live concert
We are working extremely hard right now preparing for 2 summer tours as well as about 20 shows around Washington & Oregon in the next couple of months and that band takes up most of my time. Me and three of the guys from that band are working on a side project called The Leper Legion, which sounds like The Black Dahlia Murder, but with everything that Sirens is doing in preparation for tours and to make our band as professional as possible we just don’t really have time right now. Another thing I’m working on is a project that sounds like AFI because they are the reason I started playing music. I’m doing it with Brady Johns, who is also in Sirens. Just a fun project that is a tribute to them. I have an internet based two member band called “The Assyrian Sonata“, which is on a stand-still because the other member is going into the National Guard so we have to wait about a year before we can do anything more with that but we have a full length written and demos on our myspace page currently. I have a rap project that’s for fun called “Slug Stompaz” with my brother and the guitarist Will Terada of Sirens. And I have my solo project.

Your also have a music studio (Siren Studios), is this your daytime job? From your comments the main purpose of your studio is to help grow young artists, how do you go about recording?
WB It is indeed my daytime job but I see it as more of a hobby because of how much fun I have doing it! I just wanted to try my hardest to create a place where bands could come to record an EP without spending a thousand dollars that still turned out well. First, we lay out all of the click tracks for every song so that the album will be perfectly on time and not fluctuating or anything. Then we record a scratch guitar track for the drummer to play to. Then drums, then bass, then guitars, then vocals. If there are any additional instruments such as piano or something we do those also before the vocals.

With your diverse efforts, are you at a point where you are able to “live” off of music?
WB In a sense, yes. I make pretty good money recording bands, playing in my band, and booking shows. I make enough to pay rent and have just barely enough to live off of and that to me is living the dream. It’s more than I could ever ask for and I am incredibly grateful for all of the support from my family and friends that make it possible for me to pursue this versus forcing me to go to college or whatever.

From whence came the idea for an all day metal festival?
WB Well I love metal. All kinds. I love all kinds of music actually haha I just wanted an awesome event where great bands could hang out and party with like-minded musicians and just have an awesome time. It’s somewhat of a “I know how hard you work to be in a band, so I want you to play my awesome show and have a great time” festival haha

Who are you partnering/working with to make the Savage Fest happen? Who is there to help you run the show especially when you are performing
WB My good friend Brady Johns who plays keys for Sirens runs a booking agency called “King Arthur Booking” and he has also done a TON of awesome shows, so I’m bringing him in to help run sound as well as oversee everything. While we are playing we have a few friends who will be handling the door and everything else.

will breitner and sirens sang portland oregon metal concert band

What got you into metal, who were some of the most inspiring bands for you growing up?
WB As far as metal goes, it was always bands like Slipknot, Metallica, Ozzy, Megadeth and Pantera back in 7th grade. My favorite band, however, has always been AFI and I don’t think that will ever change. “Sing The Sorrow” inspires me every single day to get better as an instrumentalist, composer and singer.

Who are you listening to now, what is in your top 5 on your ipod?
WB AFI, Emarosa, The Black Dahlia Murder, Isles & Glaciers, and Rose Funeral.

How did you get into playing and performing? How do you keep your skills sharp and continue to grow in your craft when you are busy with so many things?
WB Honestly, the first time I heard “Miseria Cantare” by AFI I knew that I belonged playing guitar on a stage. I just love performing music that I have worked countless hours on and having people react to it, for the most part, in a good way. And it’s all about staying busy! I practice playing songs on guitar that I can’t play so that eventually I will get them down and better myself as a musician and I am always working on writing music in genres such as hip/hop, country, pop and rock that I normally wouldn’t play in so that I don’t get stuck in a box so to speak and I am able to progress versus write the same song every time. Me and the dudes in my band are also always working on our vocal harmonies with an acoustic guitar to keep our voices strong and fresh.

What do you enjoy most about music – writing/performing?
WB DEFINITELY performing. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing. But the feeling of actually playing a song that you’ve spent months fine-tuning is what being a musician is all about. It’s truly the best feeling in the world.

Do you just like music for itself or would you say that there is a meaning in or through or even beyond the music that inspires you to press forward in what you are doing?
WB As far as meaning goes, I write our albums about heartbreak, loneliness, abandonment and other human issues that are very close to home with me but I write them in story form so it kind of plays out as a whole big story as the album progresses. So yes, the material is very heart-felt by me and it is very touching for me to play the songs live because I write them in times where I am the weakest and it is a great release to sing it in front of a crowd and have them singing back, possibly even going through the same things that I was.

Sat 4/24/2010
Camas Courthouse
89 C Street
Washougal, WA 98607
18 Bands // $10
11AM – 11PM

Band Lineup – order subject to change:
1. Jack Devore (Blues, Seattle)
2. If All Else Fails ( )
3. Mourning For Memories (Thrash – Washougal, WA)
4. Edessa (Hardcore – Camas, WA)
5. Daematta (Death Metal, PDX)
6. Apsis (Progressive, PDX)
7. Ashlynn (Hardcore – Kelso, WA)
8. We Move Mountains (Metal – Maple Valley, WA)
9. Upon Departure (Metal – Longview, WA)
10. Almost Is Nothing (Thrash, PDX)
11. Chin Up Rocky (Happy Hardcore, PDX)
12. Bring Me Solace (Progressive, PDX)
13. And The Sirens Sang (Screamo, OR)
14. Aleen (Screamo, WA)
15. The Leper Legion (Death Metal, OR)
16. Idols (Death Metal, Seattle)
17. Proven (Metal, PDX)

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Suganuts on The Everything Show

Monday, March 22nd, 2010
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Suganuts - The Everything Show - Albany, Oregon live local rap, hip-hop, hardcore, rock, acoustic concert

For most Saturday, March 27, 2010 will be a close to the week of Spring Break. What better way to celebrate than with ALL of your friends jammin’ to the live soundtrack on exhibition from of some of the finest local artists in Oregon? Oregon’s First The Everything Show will be going down at Riley’s Bar & Grill (124 Broadalbin – Albany, Oregon) with a night of music that will boast a little of Something for EVERYone. No matter what you scene is, if you like music you will enjoy yourself with the rest of the crew at Riley’s for The Everything Show. Hurdcore has introduced you to some of the artists that will be performing (link to article), bring your friends, bring your mom and your grandma and we’ll see you at 7pm on Saturday (3/27/10). To give you a little more background to the show, we sat down with the shows promoter, Danny Morgan Jr. aka Suganuts…

For those locally and nationally who still might not know who Suganuts (aka Danny Morgan, Jr.) is, tell us a little about yourself and what you have learned that has helped you get to where you are as an artist.
SN Honestly I make it because I make the most out of a chance. To make it, is to make music at my will, not to make fetti. I make music because I would be truly NUTS if I didn’t.

As a performer, what has being in Albany, Oregon been like for you?
SN I proudly do concerts and music with Poverty’s Posterboy, Yung Royal, Mr Great White, Tr3u aka Tha Hustla, SOUFside Ink, Weside Ink, Mr 541, Bent, Pynt Syze and EVERY single other rapper in Albany. Much love to all of you. Well I’m sure there are a few I haven’t but can’t quite think of any. Albany is nothing but love. There is nowhere else I’d rather be. Wish I could stay here forever.

You are a family man, carrying a fulltime job by day, writing, mixing and performing at night, how long have you been in the game? How many albums have you released?
SN If you are one of the few that know me, you may know I have 4 boys the oldest being 6 and a wife… If you also have a child you know how much love he/she may bring. I’ve been writing since I was a young teen and performing when I began driving. I’m almost 31 (flavors) and I’m proud to say it. I’ve release 2 pre-pressed albums and 2 pressed. The 5th will be out this year.

You are originally from The Bay area of California, were you performing down there? When did you decide to move to Oregon and Albany specifically?
SN Yes sir. Born and raised in Santa Rosa, California, but became a man in Oregon. I did a few shows as a youngster but not like the activity since I was introduced to Albany, Oregon, two years ago….. This is where we are supposed to be.

What do you enjoy most about the local rap and hip-hop scene?
SN Because of the talent we make each other better each day. The respect and love is top-notch. Unless you were here you wouldn’t know. It gets frustrating sometimes because the local rappers are honestly better then 99% of mainstream artists. They’re hungry. Someone needs to tell world leaders about Albany hip-hop.

Do you remember your first show here in the 541?
SN My 1st show in Albany was THE BLACKOUT May 2008 also at Riley’s Bar and Grill. Dub-U-Records and Bentley was the reason for my appearance that evening. A great evening and a great show.

As I talk to local artists, venues and promoters it seems that the name Suganuts is synonymous with a track record for putting together successful shows. Why do you think you have been so successful in putting shows together? What are the keys to a great show?
SN *I think my partner in crime… My wife is my key to success in that department. With her support and help it soothes the passion. *Time to plan. *Be creative, everyone else is throwing a show so do what only people have imagined and what you have dreamed of. Make it Re-ality. *Great artists, don’t settle. *Promotion—- really hand out the flyers, treat each one as a guest, posters….wait I can’t tell you all of my tactics.

Many of your larger shows have been at Riley’s (124 Broadalbin, Albany, Oregon) which is the location for The Everything Show. What excites you about hosting a show at Riley’s again?
SN It can hold more people and those people can breathe…I think we all are excited to perform at Rileys and with KC Productions & Entertainment. The vibe is great and stage is awesome to rock.
Oregons First The Everything Show - 3/27/10 at Rileys in Albany, Oregon"

What have been some of your best experiences at this venue?
SN I think my most memorable experience was Sept 4th 2008 when I released the IMPAIRED album. The show was free and it seemed all the artists were ready to blow up. Everyone killed it that night. The place was packed and in my face. It was the best time at Riley’s.

Tell us about The Everything Show, is there any significance to the name? You’ve been successful with rap and hip-hop shows, why did you decide to take on the challenge of putting together a mixed genre show such as this?
SN Well, I wanted to develop an atmosphere that every age, every gender, every genre of life could come and have an F’n blast with everyone. I’ll never forget an instance when I have handed this lady a flyer and she had said “I don’t like that music.” Say NO now lady.

What performers do you have lined up and how did you choose these artists?
SN I’m proud to tell you that the shows being hosted by THE VERY FUNNY… WILL WOODRUFF – *Tr3u AKA Tha Hustla *Pynt Syze *Tallboy *KTR *Greenlander
*Flo *October Rising *Wetsock *NewAlias *Dj Unofficial — and Myself (Suganuts). [see hurdcore’s previous article introducing the lineup]

Any funny/frustrating stories to share about these artists or the process of setting up the roster for this show?
SN I think a frustrating point had been when artists didn’t respond. I feel like I listened to every artist in Oregon. I had to truly love their music. So here they are. I also wish I had time for every single type of music. Maybe by the 10th Everything Show.

What kind of support have you received from the community? Tell us about your sponsors. Is there still room for others to get involved, if so how can they help?
SN Anyone local person or business can take a part in the show. If you think you can help get ahold of me and let me know what I can do for you. You can reach me at 541-286-0131. I’ve teamed up with great local businesses to spread the word about THE EVERYTHING SHOW and the great job they do for the people of Albany and surrounding areas. Here they are: *KC Productions & Entertainment *Jack and Jill’s Barber Shop *The Sign Express *Albany Downtown Association *Paradox Productionz *Hightide Pipes and Tobacco *Downtown Tattoo and Piercing *J Photography *Go Figure *Magnolia Audio & Music *Movies and Magic *The Adult Shop (JK!!!) *Ciddicis Pizza *

In addition to the music you are having the show hosted by The People’s Commedian, Will Woodruff, are there any other tricks you have up your sleeve?
SN Well the only thing I would like to ad is The Sign Express is developing the 1st EVERYTHING SHOW T-SHIRTS for your wearing. You will be able to purchase and have any artists there sign it. It’s what I hope to do. They are all great people I’m sure each one would do it for free.

What do you hope people walk away with after they have experienced The Everything Show?
SN With an open mind to EVERY kind of music and the urge to come again tomorrow! These are all local artists. These are your peeps from your neck of the woods. The rest starts here.

The flyer reads “Oregon’s First…” are you planning subsequent shows?
SN Honestly this is the 1st. If the fans, businesses, artists, and the people of Oregon want another, then damn right there will be another. I hope I’m in Oregon forever, but the future is wide open.

What else does Suganuts have planned for 2010? Are you working on a new album?
SN I’m just coming off of a break or what I would call a break (my wife would disagree). I have been spending time writing and can’t wait for YOU to hear. The next album ” NATURAL” this year.

Just so we’re clear, when/where and how much is the show? Is this an all ages event?

The Everything Show
March 27th 2010
Riley’s Bar and Grill – $5
124 Broadalbin – Albany, OR
7pm-10pm all ages; 10pm-close +21
I hope to see you, your mom, your dad and your kids there.

Thank you for the Love –Suganuts aka Danny Morgan Jr 541-286-0131
Oh, and there will be prize give-aways from the business supporters. You may be very surprised in what we are giving you if you attend.

The Everything Show 3/27/10 @ Riley's in Albany, Oregon

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Something for EVERYone @ The Everything Show (3/27/10)

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010
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The Everything Show - Albany, OR 3/27/10 Rock, hip-hop, alternative, punk, R&B live concertWe are days away from Oregon’s First The Everything Show set to premiere at Riley’s Bar & Grill (124 Broadalbin) in Albany, Oregon on Saturday, March 27, 2010 at 7pm. This show will be a showcase of the depth of Willamette Valley’s local talent, mixing genres to create and atmosphere for EVERYone. An all around music extravaganza to be hosted by the very funny Will Woodruff (Salem). Includes ALL AGES from 7pm – 10pm and then 21 + exclusively after 10pm. With support from artists and local businesses the show will include prizes and lineup packed with some of the best music Oregon has to offer. The Everything Showa night packed with music for EVERYone!

Live local comedy show by comedian Will Woodruff in Albany, Oregon Hosted by Will Woodruff “No mater what city or town you live in, you can depend on Will Woodruff ‘The Peoples Comedian’ to find you, entertain you diligently, then send you back home in a euphoric state of comic bliss.”

Pynt Syze (Albany – Hip-Hop) 14 year old local rap wonder-kid, if Tech9 knows anything about hip-hop than Pynt is about to blow up the scene! HC:Interview

KTR (Salem – Rock/Acoustic) is a four piece, acoustic rock band that knows how to get down. KTR has been playing together since June 2006 and has compiled a catalog of 30+ all-original tracks. A local fan has aptly described KTR as an, “Acoustic version of Stone Temple Pilots.”

Greenlander - Albany, Oregon live local alternative, acoustic, rock, indie concertGreenlander (Eugene – Alternative) These Eugenantonian music majors combine everything from Funk mixed with Grunge to Progressive Metal and Ska, crafting a high quality sound with catchy grooves and sing-able melodies. HC:Interview

Treu (Albany – Hip-Hop) Laid back hip-hop that will grab you by the throat, bringing the jam that’s’s known to get down in at least two countries, the ever popular “AAAAYYYY.”

DJ Unofficial (Albany – Spinster) If you’ve been around the scene in Albany than you know who you want working the 1’s and 2′s.

October Rising - Albany, Oregon live local alternative, rock, indie, acoustic concertWetsock (Eugene – Punk) “Wetsock is conjuring up tracks with a unique style dubbed “Ghetto Punk”, blending the finest roots, ska, punk, and blues with their strong political ideals, love of life, and true passion for music.”

October Rising (Lebanon – Rock/Indie) Dynamic acoustic indie rockers, quickly becoming a local favorite, bringing smooth and upbeat sound with gripping melodies.

Tallboy - Albany, Oregon live local hardcore rock metal concert Tallboy (Medford – Hardcore) Having shared the stage with Papa Roach, Heater and Kotton Mouth Kings, Tallboy is steadily on the rise and ready to bring their high-class, action packed, rock inferno to Albany for The Everything Show. HC:Interview

Suganuts (Albany – Hip-Hop) Mastermind of The Everything Show, come see the always classy family-first swag-father of Albany hit the mic. HC:Interview

Flo - Albany, Oregon live local R&B, rap, hip-hop, reggae, samoa concertFlo (Coast – R&B) “My songs are all feel-good songs, something you can listen to when you’re winding down at the end of the day or just chillaxin, but the beats still get ya toes tappin!” HC:Interview

New Alias (Salem – Hip-Hop) Rap power trio of Smitt Smitty, Rhino and Dalliki have set their creative ambitions to educate fans while entertaining them.

The Everything Show
March 27th 2010
Riley’s Bar and Grill – $5
7-10 all ages; 10-close +21
Bring yourself, mom, dad, grandma, neighbors
*Something for EVERYone! w/ giveaways

SPREAD THE WORD – join the guestlist and share event on facebook!

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For the [hurdcore] kids

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010
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Movie event for Albany, Oregon children - Veggie Tales Pistachio

Friday, February 26th
$2/person or $5/family
Come see the premiere of Veggie Tales newest release “Pistachio” before it is available in stores!

This event is for children K-5th grades, a fun night complete with dinner, activities and the feature film from Veggie Tales Pistachio – The Little Boy That Woodn’t (a lesson on listening to your parents).

VeggieTales twist on the beloved story of Pinocchio! Young Pistachio gets involved with some slippery characters. His bad choices and disobedience towards [his father] Gelato lead to some sticky situations.

This event will be held at South Albany Community Church – 2418 SE Geary St. Albany, OR 97322. Call the church office for more details (541) 926.4762

Veggie Tales came out when we at were a bit younger, though aimed at grade school children, take a peek at the song that started it all and see if you can’t keep yourself from laughing at a singing cucumber…

The Everything Show 3/27/10 @ Riley's in Albany, Oregon

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Oregon’s First – The Everything Show

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010
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Oregon's First - The Everything Show, March 27, 2010 @ Riley's in Albany

HURDCORE.COM ANNOUNCING: co-sponsor w/ local artist Suganuts presenting Oregon’s First The Everything Show (O1ES) coming to Riley’s in Albany, Oregon on March 27th. (124 Broadalbin ST) Working to make this show a mind-boggling conglomerate of talent that will be the first of many. Mixed genre including the best of local hip-hop, alternative, hardcore, rock, indie, R&B, punk rap and MORE! This will be a night that you will not soon forget, historic Riley’s atmosphere, free prizes, full bar and entire show hosted by the very funny Will Woodruff.

The Everything Show 3/27/10 @ Riley's in Albany, Oregon

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Saturday, January 30th, 2010
Bookmark and Share be attempting to reconnect with the artists and venues we were introduced to in 2009 but until we can get that information up and running, let these tidbits refresh your local music taste-buds. We’ll cycle chronologically through the 2009 hurdcore alumni.

Turned Up Missing Pop/Indie – Ashland, Oregon. These indie popsters were the first to exchange an interview with and we were excited to see them live locally in Lebanon, Oregon. Unfortunately the band took a hiatus that turned into a full blown break up before that show date could come about. If you are browsing itunes and like catchy indie pop grooves look up their single “I’ve Got Friends“.

Love Unfailing Tacoma, Washington based Melodic Hardcore with a clear message –

Our music definitely an outreach to everyone. We all are very close to our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Our music is definitely a religious outreach to everyone but yet even if the listener is not religious the music can still be appealing to them too.

7 Horns 7 Eyes – if you have a fever and the only cure is METAL, then you need some of what this Seattle, Washington based metal monster has to offer. 7H7E recently completed a West Coast tour with Demon Hunter and Living Sacrifice and has been in the studio grinding out another release. Here’s a little taste of what 7 Horns 7 Eyes will be serving up on their next album, video demos a guest solo from Jeff Loomis of Nevermore.

Swinglow brings their brand of hardcore to the world through their Ocean’s EP which they’re hoping to drop around February 20, 2010.

Becoming The Archetype these Georgia boys are getting ready to take their metal on the road to South Africa for a September 2010 tour. BTA is EPICally brutal and has some of the most creative tour concepts – Bring Your Own Beard Tour and Deliver Us From Emo (European Tour).

Whether its hardcore, metal, rap, punk, indie, pop, hip-hop, rock or the likes, we will bring you local music information and interviews to get you connected. We are fans supporting local music! Contact us with your insights, information and advertising/sponsorship ideas as we work together to keep things rocking.

HURDCORE.COM ANNOUNCING: co-sponsor w/ local artist Suganuts presenting Oregon’s First Everything Show (O1ES) coming to Riley’s in Albany, Oregon on March 27th. (124 Broadalbin ST) Working to make this show a mind-boggling conglomerate of talent that will be the first of many. Mixed genre show hosted by the very funny Will Woodruff.

Roseway & 66 Love Letters – SHOWS!!!

Monday, August 31st, 2009
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Roseway & 66 Love Letters
(hurdcore alumni) together!!!
When: Friday, September 11, 2009
Where: Life Church
5585 SW 209th
Aloha, OR 97007
Details: 6:30PM; $5 ALL AGES


66 Love Letters, Roseway, Skyward Collapse, and Ezerah
When: Wednesday, September 16, 2009
Where: Hawthorne Theatre
3862 SE Hawthorne Blvd,
Portland, Oregon 97214
Details: 7PM, $8

Tomfest: Day 4 Info

Sunday, August 9th, 2009
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So, perhaps you missed the Facedown Records lineup from Day 3, Brian “Head” Welch or The 80′s Extravaganza with Blessed By A Broken Heart – don’t worry, you can still catch your favorite Solid State Record’s bands tear it up and to make things even crazier, As I Lay Dying headlines for the final day of Tomfest. Tomfest boasts over 130 bands spread over 4 crazy days of music, fun and onsite camping. Discover new bands, see your favorites play live and join the crowds for a packed weekend at a total bargain.

Tomfest in Camas, Washington (Just minutes from Portland, Oregon)
Day 4 Info – Saturday, August 21, 2009

9:00am-9:30am: The Terminal Velocity
10:00am-10:30am: Paper Astronomer
11:00am-11:30am: Goodnight Charade
12:30pm-1:00pm: Insomniac Folklore
1:30pm-2:00pm: Endeverance
2:30pm-3:00pm: A Tale Through Audio
3:30pm-4:00pm: Enation
4:30pm-5:00pm: Kat Jones
6pm-6:30pm: Blessed By A Broken Heart
7:00pm-7:30pm: Gwen Stacy
8:00pm-8:45pm: Haste The Day
9:15pm-9:30pm: Jimmy Spencer
9:30pm-10:15pm: As I Lay Dying

9:30am-10:00am: This Is A Stickup
10:30am-11:00am: Sovereign Strength
11:30am-12:10pm: The Neverclaim
12:10pm-12:30pm: Chad Johnson
1:00pm-1:30pm: A Hope Not Forgotten
2:00pm-2:30pm: The Fall Of Babylon
3:00pm-3:30pm: Man Of War
4:00pm-4:30pm: All Or Nothing
5:00pm-5:40pm: Elliot (worship)
5:40pm-6:00pm: Chad Pearson
6:30pm-7:00pm: The Showdown
7:30pm-8:00pm: Showbread
8:45pm-9:15pm: Oh Sleeper
10:30pm: Invisible Children Screening!

11:00am-12:00pm: RYFO Meeting
1:00pm-1:30pm: Shayde Bridges!
2:00pm-2:30pm: Dewey Lybecker
3:00pm-3:30pm: Bryson Foster
4:00pm-4:30pm: Josiah James
10:15pm-10:45pm: Gayle Skidmore
11:00pm-11:30pm: Rene Velarde
11:45pm-12:15am: Orion Walsh

10am-11am: Creative Arts Alliance
9:00pm-9:45pm: Aapoaa
10:15pm-10:45pm: Across The Sun
11:00pm-11:30pm: ML3
11:45pm-12:15am: Stillfire
12:30am-1:00am: Moher
1:15am-1:45am: InMyOpinion

11:00am-11:30am: Ron Timen
11:45am-12:15pm: Mikee Bridges (founder)
12:30pm-1:30pm: Band/Music Panel
1:45pm-2:15pm: Jimmy Spencer
2:30pm-3:00pm: Jeremiah Carlson
5:00-7:00pm: Allalom Music & Comedy
10:00pm-12:00am: Allalom Acoustic Recording Workshop!

10am-3pm: Free ‘OPEN SKATE’
4pm-5pm: Boarders for Christ Skate Demo
6pm-9pm: Free ‘OPEN SKATE’
10:15pm-10:45pm: FIREWORKS SHOW!!

TICKETS Full Event Pass: $45.00 at the gate *Children younger than 10 are free as always.

Wednesday (August 19th) – $10.00
Thursday (August 20th) – $20.00
Friday (August 21st) – $20.00
Saturday (August 22nd) – $20.00
(available only at main gate)

Camping: Full event camping is free with paid FULL EVENT pass. Camping does not apply to day passes.

4-day Parking lot pass: $10.00 (per vehicle)
4-day ‘park at your tent’ pass: $20 (per vehicle)
1-day Parking lot pass: $5.00 (per vehicle)
1-day v.i.p. parking pass: $10.00 (per vehicle)
(trailers are considered a vehicle)