Must Build Jacuzzi Interview

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Our first interview for 2013 brings a genre blast from the past, as we talk the re-emergence of ska with local artists known as Must Build Jacuzzi. Hailing from Peoria, Illinois, these young men are energized to play a medium forgotten by many as they inspire a whole new generation of skankers to circle up for this punk-swing fusion.

What is the story / meaning behind the name of your band?
Caleb Rose (Vocals/Guitar): Well, Bill, Josh, and I were watching “Muppets From Space” when we got to a scene where Gonzo was asleep and his friends were speaking through a fan to make their voices weird sound to hypnotize him. They told him to go build them a jacuzzi. When he got up (still asleep and hypnotized) he said “Must…..Build…..Jacuzzi and we thought that would be a great name for a band, and it stuck.
Bill Allison (Vocals/Guitar): Yeah, basically we thought it’d be an original name for a band, since every idea we thought of was already taken.

Must Build Jacuzzi Illinois Ska

Ska had its hay-day in the late 90’s, but hasn’t been a prime category since, at what point did you all decide that you were going to formalize and take a run at the ska game?
Bill: I decided I wanted to be in a ska band when I was like 14 or 15 years old. Long story short, we formed a crappy teen ska band, which led me to meet Josh and much later we had leveled up enough that we evolved and became MBJ!
Josh Rose (Trumpet): Well at first I didn’t want to. Bill knew my brother, Caleb, and knew that I played trumpet. He asked if I wanted to join his ska band. I was like in 7th grade and didn’t know anything about music, so I was like whats ska? Is that like skat or something? I didn’t know what it would be like playing in a rock band since I had only played in school bands. At first, I didn’t think I would like it, but after a few practices, I was starting to have a lot of fun. I played my first show and I thought I was the coolest kid ever. The End
Keaton Judy (Bass/Sax): I knew I wanted to be in a ska band when I saw a Facebook post about MBJ needing a bass player, haha.
Ben Misslehorn (Trombone): As soon as my first band disbanded I realized I how much I missed playing in a ska band because I can be myself on stage on bring joy to many others! So I joined MBJ! HOORAH!
Chris Walls (Drums): I realized I wanted to be in a ska band when Caleb told me he was in a band and needed a drummer and I realized “I am a drummer, I can join!” Next thing I knew, BAM. In a ska band.

What differences have you observed between fans of ska and fans of other mediums?
Ben: Ska fans like to move around and feel the music! YEAH!
Caleb: I think we get a wide variety of people with different musical interests who come to the shows. Fans of pop/punk, and hardcore seem to be a big audience of ours. Since we usually play shows with many bands from the Peoria hardcore scene, we seem to fit right in with any type of fan.
Keaton: Ska fans are more interactive and they dance.
Bill: People that like ska know how to skank, so we don’t feel lame when we play!
Chris: Ska fans will love to talk to you. You can talk to anyone after the show and they will be willing to talk and next thing you know, you are having a conversation about ANYTHING. We can be talking about how you are playing Borderlands 2 and the weapon system compared to the first Borderlands, and you know, you are just talking to a lot of good people who are also your fans. Do I have to continue this interview?… Borderlands 2 sounds fun right now.
Josh: Ska fans are cool. Fans of other genres are not as cool.

Currently all of your music is available for free download, what are your plans for recording in 2013?
Caleb: Sometime this year (probably the summer), we are planning on heading up to meet up with one of our friends to do some recording for a possible full length. We may re-record a few of our past songs that could use some re-working with our new member line up.
Bill: Yeah, we’ll probably be working on a full length within the next year, since we have like 15 songs just sitting around in our brains. Like, with our next recording, we really want to make it shine and do it as professional as possible, so it’ll probably be pretty legit.

What are some of your favorite jams right now?
Ben: My favorite song right now is “P.S Shock the World” by Less Than Jake!
Caleb: Recently, I’ve been listening to Real Friends who are a pop-punk band from the Chicago area Also, there is this super sweet dance/ska/pop/hardcore band called Paranoia Dance Party that have reeeally been rising up in the play counts.
Keaton: “Anthropology” by Charlie Parker
Bill: I have this huge Mustard Plug addiction right now, and am really digging this Chicago ska band Run and Punch who are awesome! I just got Children 18:3 and Flatfoot’s newest albums too, and those are great.
Josh: “Home For The Fall” by Real Friends
Chris: My favorite song is that one song that goes like, “Aeg eh elf, gyaaaa uh ah ah. whey whoo. wawawawawawawawa wub wub wub. ooraahhh. BWUY YOH WUBWUBWUB”

When they make the blockbuster docudrama about your life, what actors will play you all in the film?
Ben: Jim Carrey as Ben Misselhorn!
Caleb: I think I’d probably be played by Owen Wilson
Chris: The Scout from Team Fortess 2. The documentary would be loved by all and the Hollywood funds would be so great, we could CGI him in for me.
Bill: My last history professor said I looked like Patrick Swazey, so him!
Keaton: Tom Hanks
Josh: Andrew Wilson

What are your best and worst memories from recent shows?
Caleb: I think one of the most fun shows we’ve ever played was in the basement of an old video game store in La Salle. There were a bunch of kids with high energy just having a good time. We also bought a bunch of bananas to throw out during the show and some rad Incredible Hulk party hats Bill and I found at a thrift store. As for worst, oh jeez, we played this show in Bloomington, IL. We just played a really cruddy set.
Josh: Best memory- when we played the radest show ever. Tons of kids from my school came and even they were skankin’ and circle pitting. I even got my friends to dance and get all sweaty. Worst memory- We played a show in Bloomington/Normal and our drummer at the time kinda sucked at playing our music so we just sounded like crap. And the worst part was the singer for The Skatastrophies’ new band was there and probably saw us suck the brown out of poop. And to top it off, Ben, our trombone player wasn’t there.
Bill: Worst was definitely that cruddy set in Bloomington/Normal. Like, we had to change line ups after that show. Like Josh said, the frontman of this old ska band, The Skatastrophes from Ohio (look them up, they’re awesome!), was there with his new band Signals Midwest (check them out, they’re awesome too!), so we looked like goons in front of him. IF YOU READ THIS MAX STERN, WE’RE NOT GOONS, WE JUST HAD PROBLEMS! Best was definitely the big ska show Josh mentioned, which we just played in Peoria with our buds in The Easy Mark, The Suites, and The Skalalitabs! Like 100 people in a super small coffee shop skanking like crazy. Huge blessing.
Keaton: Best- the big ska show Bill and Josh talked about. Worst- Trying to learn a bunch of new music in a week when I first joined the band.
Ben: Best Memory = Crowd surfing at Cornerstone! Worst = Not having my lucky sweat rag during a gig!
Chris: The worst is the one we played with this one band… we will just call them Generic Band. There was like no one there and very sad. The best however, would have to be a basement show we played. There was a circle pit in a moldy basement. The things music make people do, haha!

Must Build Jacuzzi is: Keaton Judy – Bass/Sax, Josh Rose – Trumpet, Ben Misselhorn – Trombone, Chris Walls – Drums, Bill Allison -Vocals/Guitar, and Caleb Rose – Vocals/Guitar. Check them out on Facebook and Bandcamp .


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