Interview w/ Elenora of Roseburg, Oregon

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Elenora out of Roseburg, Oregon has described themselves in a most eloquent narrative, “If Edward Scissorhands had a love child with Judy Garland, with John Candy as his right hand man.” So if you’re ready for some Poe inspired Southern Oregon grown hardcore that is breakdown laden while combining elements of melodic, screamo and a crafty use of the keys, you just might find your place pounding the stage with Elenora. Our thanks to the band for taking time while recording to entertain a MySpace interview with us, their EP is set to hit the public July of this year (which is 2009).

HC What inspired the name of your band?
EL We actually got the name from the Edgar Allen Poe poem named Eleonora. We are fans of his work so we changed the name a little to make it more our own.

Yet the promises of Eleonora were not forgotten; for I heard the sounds of the swinging of the censers of the angels; and streams of a holy perfume floated ever and ever about the valley; and at lone hours, when my heart beat heavily, the winds that bathed my brow came unto me laden with soft sighs; and indistinct murmurs filled often the night air, and once — oh, but once only! I was awakened from a slumber, like the slumber of death, by the pressing of spiritual lips upon my own. -Eleonora (excerpt) by Edgar Allan Poe, 1850

HC When did your band go from the dream stage to actually putting tracks down and going on the road?
EL We are actually in the process of getting out on the road. We have played shows all over Oregon but we are waiting till the release of our debut EP to set up a west coast tour.

HC How would you describe your musical style?
EL I would describe us as heavy and melodic hardcore. Instrumentaly we play hardcore music with a lot of breakdowns but then we added some epic keys to give our music more emotion and depth.

HC I noticed that you are gearing up to record an EP this summer with the release set for July 2009, how excited are you to be getting this phase completed? How many tracks are you hoping to nail down? Have you decided on a name for the EP yet?
EL We are all getting very excited as it gets closer and closer to being time to head up to Portland. To be recording up at Interlace Studios with Kris Crummett is like a dream come true for us being that he has recorded so many bands that have been influential in our music careers. The EP, which is still untitled, will have 6 tracks consisting of 5 full length songs and an intro track.

HC Where can those interested best connect with you to find out about news, releases and tours?
EL The best place to contact us at is our band myspace, we are constantly on there to answer questions, talk to fans, and put up updates for everyone.

HC From the concept of your band, the makeup of its members and the lyrics of your songs, would you say that there is a prominent theme (i.e. religious, political, philosophical, etc)?
EL We really don’t have a theme that we go by we tend to write songs about past experiences that we think other people can relate to. We love to write songs this way because we like to think it puts more pure emotions into our music.

HC Where are you currently grabbing inspiration and/or frustration from and how has this been affecting your music?
EL As we said in the question before we get inspiration from past experiences that we have all had or current things going on in our lives. We try to take the emotions that we are feeling and put it right into our music.

HC What have been some of the most important lessons for you as struggling/emerging-artists?
EL Not having enough money has been a key struggle for us starting out. Also finding a solid place to practice has proved to be pretty hard for us too. We have been kicked out of two of our practice locations due to disgruntled neighbors.

HC Are there any favorite/funny/scary memories from your recent shows that you’d like to share?
EL A couple months ago we were opening for Carnifex in Roseburg, OR and the last song we played during our final breakdown we had fans get up on the stage with us and were headbanging with us and slamming their fists pretty hard into the stage ground. That was awesome for us we love when the crowd into our music.

HC What has been your favorite tour stop so far? What new foods have you discovered (scary or good)?
EL Definitely Coos Bay, Or we played at Waxers Broadway theater. We played with Abandon The Shore, Boy Named Sue, and My Life In Red. Amazing turnout, great show, and the people who ran the venue were great to us! Afterwards we went out to eat with a couple of other bands at a great 24 hour restaurant named the Cozy Kitchen. Not only did they have great food but somehow they managed to put up with all of us which had to be quite a task lol

HC What has been the most challenging part of taking your band public?
EL Umm probably building a fan base. It’s hard to build a big fan base outside of where you live unless you tour a lot which we have not had a chance of doing so far.

HC Any words of encouragement for aspiring bands?
EL Make sure to be financially sound!!!! That is huge for any serious bands we have found out the hard way haha

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